🏛 Stock pick: McPhy Energy

Update November 23th, 2020: I sold all my shares at 33.70€. Gain: +17.4% (excluding taxes and trading fees).

McPy energy ⚡️

McPhy Energy is a specialist in hydrogen production and distribution equipment, the company contributes to the global development of zero-carbon hydrogen as a solution for the energy transition in the industry, mobility, and energy sectors.

Why did I choose to invest in McPhy Energy?

  • Despite the COVID-19 public health crisis, McPhy’s revenue grew by 24%.
  • Headcount grew in 2020 (+9.7%).
  • France and Germany want to make Europe a “Hydrogen champion”. Sounds good for McPhy, which has a production center in both countries.
  • The company experiences good commercial momentum. In particular, McPhy was selected for two major projects: installing the largest industrial zero-carbon hydrogen production unit in Europe and outfitting the largest zero-emissions hydrogen mobility deployment project in France.
  • McPhy has cash: ~4 times the 2020 expected net loss.
  • BPI - the French public bank of investment 🇫🇷 subscribed to 340 425 shares. In total, French public institutions has 1.8M shares (as of the june 23th).
BPI - the French public bank of investment 🇫🇷 subscribed to 340 425 shares.
  • McPhy is followed by many trend followers in France

What is my position?

I bought shares today - the 18th of November - at a unit price of 28.70€. I plan to sell at 33.00€ for a 14.9% ROI but I might go long with this one. Stay tuned!

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